Counter Strike for Kids (85/100)

A "weel gun"? Only eight years old and he's already talking about drive-by
Author: Jsxanatos
Game: Counterstrike
Genre: Comedy

I ran across this little number a few years back, before I even considered writing a blog, I didn't really find it funny, but that doesn't mean it didn't deliver.

For being one of the older machinima out there CS: for kids holds up pretty well in the visual department, aside for a few errors which are painfully obvious, the mod it's self (which is actually multiple mods put together) is pretty solid, there is no lag to be seen, and everything is well put together.

Sound (20/25) 
Here is a balanced part of this machinima, it doesn't have the best audio available however it works with what it has, and I appreciate that, it is easy to tell that the microphones on hand were not up to par for anything other than Teamspeak chat (Google it) yet it idin't effect the over all quality of the video much.

Script Quality (50/50)
From the opening statement concerning drive-bys I was sold, this is an excellent script. Much like a story based machinima, I feel that the script makes or breaks a comedic machinima. Let's face it, we have all seen many a good jokes ruined by bad timing, and all other kinds of shenanigans, thus, a script is MANDATORY to the life of comedy.   

 Even though this is scored highly, don't be fooled, there isn't much here in terms of...well... anything. Personally I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but you are welcome to watch it if you like.