[MMV*]Insomnia (65/100)

Author: XxMushyHugsxX
Game: Maple Story
Genre: Music Video

This was something that caught me by surprise today, randomly lurking on youtube, looking for some machinima and then I discover these little gems. MMV's are new to me, and they seem to be quite legit, many of the ones that I saw matched very well with their chosen song and Insomnia is no exception.

 When it comes to music video machinima there are very few things that must be placed on the shoulders of the director and video is one of them. This video is superb, however, that doesn't coincide with what the score says, the reason being that XxMHxX violated one of the key rules of machinima; Don't use too many effects! There are numerous points in which the video is either too dark or HDR is used too much. Sure, if you are doing a sprite animation then of coarse you would need to add a little spice to the soup, however, the problem comes in when there is too much spice, which is the case here.

Sound (25/25)
  It's just a basic MP3 playing behind a video, there is no complaint
Script Quality (35/50)
  Here is where sprites shine, there must be a note that by "script" I mean direction, and how well the movements portray what is trying to be said. In Insomnia there are so many times where only the onscreen text or the words let you know what is going on. Arguable, that can be a good and bad thing, good, being that they actually connect, bad, being that you barely know what is going on, here, you are somewhere in the gray area. Working with sprites, while easier to manipulate, require a story board of exactly what you want where you want it. There are way too many reused scenes here to fit a good storyboard (some slight variation would have been accepted)once you get down to the knitty-gritty half of the video is nothing but a rerun and that is quite unacceptable.

  This is a very nice video to watch, I highly recommend this video to you anyone....well...minus the people that don't like this song. (I've never heard of it, but whatever)

*note* MMV = Maple Music Video(edit) Not sure but I believe this video is incomplete.

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