Benevolence (63.5/100)

Gifts are not something to be forsaken, gifts are given to us so that they may be used to serve a higher purpose
Benevolence, Dictionary.com defines it as:
1.Desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness: to be filled with benevolence toward one's fellow creatures.
2.An act of kindness; a charitable gift.
optimumforge, on the other hand, has this word pegged in a light of irony, what can be Benevolent about war? What shows kindness or what can be considered a "charitable gift" in war? We all know the effects of war on the human body, could the Benevolence here be to use the gift of destruction as a means to stop suffering? Dunno, the interpretation is up to you, now, on to the grading scale:

The visuals here are nice, one could actually see this being the intro to a very deep machinima. the blur is used very tastefully and presents a nice focus of the camera, it doesn't shove thirty-five pounds of depth perception down your throat. This is nicely coupled with the camera angles, I have no complaints here.

  Sound (15/25)
This is pretty impressive quality audio, however, that sniper rifle sounds a lot like that pistol.... I'm just sayin'.

Script Quality (23.5/50)
The monologue is very impressive, it could stand up to many-a-game's opening statement. It is very deep and leads the listener to think bigger than what they normally would, yet one flaw is that there is a plot gap, it is apparent that he feels guilty about what he has done but is there a time lapse between the kill and the suicide? From the looks of things he was completing an objective during a mission, but, you can only leave certain things to the viewer, you can't have them think too much, it's not something that people want to do when there isn't a story to follow.

There was such good material here, it did pretty well but even a game where everything is amazing can fall dead if the script doesn't match, recommend? Depends on the person, are you a fan of melancholy or like mind food? If so, then by all means, feed yourself, but there isn't much else here to watch.

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