organizing the shelf

Just a quick update, sorry no machinima today, however I will make sure to have a double post just for you all (smiles all around). What I am going to do is, first, create a list of genere's that most machinima will fall into, second, I am going to specify the exact things that the reviews are based on (see list below), third, I am going to create buttons! (everyone loves buttons) The purpose? Anything that is affiliated with this website should be able to get a button on the side bar. Last but not least, I am currently working on making a page where you can watch a review of every machinima that appears on this website to further give you an idea of what the machinima is like.

there are four categories that videos receive a Grade in:
  • Video quality
  • Sound quality
  • *Dependent on the genre* example, action based machinima, quality of the action scenes
  • Script quality*dependent on machinima, can be just a solid score*

Each category can be broken down into multiple subcategories that make up the total score for that particular parent category:

  • Video Quality
  1. Camera angles and changes*as well as frame rate in sprite machinima*
  2. Effects or scenery
  • Sound quality
  1. Microphone
  2. Music placement  
  3. Sound effects *if applicable*
  • *Genre dependent* Action, ect
  1. Intensity 
  2. Balance *there should be no, I hate you*fight,talk, a little story* I kill joo!!! >=0
  • Script quality
I feel that with an updated grading scale things can be much easier to explain in detail.