Rebel Panther

Author: Tigura21
Game: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Genre: Story
There are two schools, Genkou "Heaven" and Gokudo "Hell." For the longest time, they've been at war, determined to take out one another to come out on top. A new school year has recently begun, and the 10-year-long conflict emerges once again...”-Video description


        I truly enjoyed watch this newest release from Tigura, it continues along with virtual Smash's anime-esqe style of story telling, the character introduction was what I found interesting about this particular Machinima. From what is shown, the characters aren't formally introduced to the viewer until they do something that relates to their role in the Machinima. I noticed this during the second showing of the “Yellow Jay” character, he was shown in the beginning but wasn't introduced until his second appearance. The same applies to “Pink Cerise”, another character that received a second appearance introduction. For those that have yet to watch this, you will notice that of the two characters I have mentioned both have a color leading their name, this seems like quite a double edged sword, what happens when he runs out of colors? Do the villains receive colors? Is the color appended to each character their only color? Or is it just a name? One of these was answered with the introduction of “Hell hound” who, obviously, doesn't have a color and is set with his standard color palette.

Our protagonist.
        From the beginning it was obvious that a lot of movie magic will be used in this series seeing as how the setting is in a school, many of the scenes contain more characters than is allowed per match such as the third scene shift. This is where things start to get complicate, not only do you have the three teachers at the entrance you also have a good amount of students in line to take pictures, by, you guessed it, two more characters. Some problems were noted such as the scene where the students are explaining what happened to the others who were with them on the bus, notice who's missing from the picture? This is also prevalent in the “escape” scene after this is a spoiler and has been removed, there were gratuitous amounts of hard cuts that were not as discreet as they could have been.

Sound (15/15)
The sound is absolutely sublime, there is a very pleasant background music to help set the tone of the current scene and the VA's all have nice quality microphones.

Script Quality (20/20)
 Saying that Tigura is a talented writer would be an understatement, Later this week when more of his works are reviewed it will become more apparent that this is true talent. His jokes are nicely done, innuendos and all that, the characters are perfectly pegged, from the scheming mannerism of Yellow Jay to the sarcastic Hell hound, everyone seems to fit together.

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