The Beat Never Stops...

what are you high?! I don't have that kind of money!
A decent shot but so much more could have been done.
 Hmm.... Where do I begin? Anarchist86ed's Fallout 3- Rebirth Cleons story is, to be honest, not exactly the hottest thing out in the machinima world as of yet, there are many flaws that need to be addresses, but before we get into that I would like to be fair as say that, yes, he did have a very limited amount of animations to work with and, yes, Fallout 3 isn't know for it's amazing scenery however, all that aside, it still manages to keep your attention up until the very end (assuming you are a plot driven type of person). Mind you I'm not an eye candy kind of guy (however it does help) but left's face it, there is so much that could be done to make this look better, the colors are all bland, the camera angles are like a washing machine (repeating) and the feeling in the voices sounds like a script. I do give the guy props for playing all the roles himself, however, if such a bold thing it to be undertaken, one much be sure they are up to the task of making it seem as if there are multipul live people having an actual conversation. It can't be stressed enough that the visuals are what ultimately brings this Machinima down to a mediocre rating. The story hints at a conspiracy that, allegedly, resulted in three dog's death, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the driving point of the entire show. No how many times the knowledge that this is a story based machinima instead of a hardcore action machinima cones into my mind the fact that this is such raw footage astonishes me. I find it had to believe any editing what so ever was done here, yes,yes,yes Fallout fan boys I know that it's supposed to have a dark and dingy appearance however this is not the game once it has become machinima it must live up to standards that movies must like up to,
Dinky, dinky, and visually unappealing.
give or take a few select things. It is inexcusable that a game that is meant to have a "used" appearance take a step into the machinima industry and hope it's "natural" beauty will allow it to float right through. Look at Halo machinima for christ's sake, it has some of the best visuals in it's one respective generations however, for directors to even maintain that look while making a machinima there has to be some sort of enhanced appearance to make it stand out of an over crowded room.

      With that said you're probably wondering, "is it worth watching though?" And I must say, if you are not a big fan of fallout or plot driven movies your time is best spent else where, however if that is your forté then you would probably want to watch this, while it only has one episode as of now, it has a lot of room to grow and I feel it could, if managed correctly, become a breakthrough in this genre of machinima.


  1. I never got to play the game, but a lot of people say it's good

  2. omg, this looks so amazing ! :)