Laser face, laser face, laser face....

My eyes are way better, as they shoot lasers.
        Truer words have never been spoken, Sanity Not Included has struck oil with Phoenix wright: Bullshit Evolved. It's an episodic machinima presenting cases from the court room LIVE! Just joking on that last part, but, this is seriously the way machinima should be done, there is no need for any enhancements, something sprites will always have over 3D, and the voice acting is superb. I found myself watching the first episode and before I knew it I was all the way up to the tenth!  Each one runs at about five to four and a half minutes long, which is a terribly difficult thing to do considering the time it takes to sync each frame to the voice, a swell as the reactions. One thing I found annoying at first was the constant OBJECTIONS! and HOLD IT! however, as the series moved along they became streamlined into the videos and you, for some odd reason, feel the need to shout one of these phrases upon someone asking you a question. I can't help but think of a situation, there you are with some random people you meet and you get into a heated debate about violent video games, and, seemingly out of no where you jump up, slam both hands on the table and shout "OBJECTION!"
What would be even more funny would be the occasional "Overruled!" But it is not my place to make suggestiong, I am here merely to review. What makes this particular machinima great is it's delivery system, that is to say, it doesn't have one. They seem to go by the saying "If you have a bad gun, keep shooting and eventually you'll hit something" which works... a little too well, you get so wrapped up in the jokes you miss some, but, this isn't a bad thing per say, in fact, it adds so replay value that is quite uncommon in comedy machinima. A funny thing is how well these random jokes fit together, they range from a harmless "I'm better than you because XYZ" where XYZ is the reason (because we all know that's harmless *cough*penis joke*cough*) to a full blown pedophile conversation and a discussion as to whether or not it is okay to put your finger in a little boy's bu- I mean anus and "twist it a little" regardless if it is a puppet, oh, did I mention that the guy actually touches himself with the doll? Oh yeah, they went there. When I was in elementary school we had what was called "D.E.A.R" Drop Everything And Read, well I institute "S.F.A.W" (pronounced suh-faw) Stop Fapping And Watch. Any objections?


  1. I'll take a look at it, looks funny.

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  3. Pretty funny read lol

  4. I watched that with some friends and my sides hurt now.