No, not this time....

It's just not a fight if shadow doesn't use Chaos Control

Sonic v Shadow,that's the name of this machinima(fight scene?) by a user named ifureadthisdieThere is no doubt that this is a straight-up battle machinima, the scores are as follows;
o rly nao
  • Grammar: 0/25
  • Story: 0/25
  • Sound: 12.5/25
  • Action: 25/25
That about sums it all up. in all aspect except action this machinima is way below the acceptance line, however, the action, oh boy do we have it, and in gratuitous amounts! From the first hit, you notice the Dragon Ball Z sound effects, that is the saving grace here. the action is top notch, I feel it lives up to another machinima that made the DBZ sounds famous, among other things, truthfully there isn't much to talk about here. I could Go on and on about how bad everything else was but.... the action is so well made that it makes up for that completely. Actually that is what can be talked about, the action! Take, if you will, S.S Goku after the death of Krillin at the hands of Frieza, you remember how bad ass that was? well there are not just one but TWO of those in here. there is even your standard, "turn based" kick ass system whereas they take turns powering up and then demolishing their opponent. Unless you are a big fan of sonic or shadow, or you just like to watch action videos this is not for you and your time is better spent else where. Other than that, this is right up your alley.


  1. knuckles for the win :)

  2. @sage: SPOILER ALERT!!!!

    knuckles dies.

  3. That music+effects does sound very dbz-esque. Nevermind, I got to 1:40 in the video, I am disappoint. :(