Who ya' gonna call?

This looks like a job for ambassador Pineapple.
  This episode based machinima comes from my own personal vault. ross scott's Freeman's Mind is hard to place in a genre, the entire thing is basically the game HalfLife played throughout with commentary from the mind of Freeman (the protagonist). If I were forced to choose I would say that this belongs in the comedy genre due to the many, many, many, moments of humor. Freeman's Mind is one of those rare machinima that require no enhancing effects (there are some but they are just
Here try some of our fine used bullets.
to make it seem as if you are looking through his eyes). The script is excellent, the sound is excellent, it runs at a smooth and constant thirty frames per second (not really much seeing as how old the game is), this is just one of those machinima that need approval from no one but the creator. I highly recommend watching this, there is action, suspense, and if you haven't played the game, surprises galore! As proof I present to you a rant directly from episode twenty eight;

This is....suspiciously convenient... I haven't been used to things going my way for... quite a while now. Hey! Maybe it's karmic balance! Since now I know I have much bigger long term problems, I'll have less short term ones! No, lasers, aliens, I just flat-out have problems. But I'm willing to share my problems *fires SMG* See? Now we all have problems!( =D ) I really do have problems.

As I watched this I began to ponder "what if" situations, such as, "if 'A' happened what would he say?" and, normally, "A" would happen and I would get my answer. There are few machinima that can match the caliber that Freeman's mind have set, this is what I expect the standards to be and one day, I hope that many will follow.  


  1. rofl, I'm checking out all his episodes now. Super hilar

  2. lol i loved half life, and these types of things are great. totally checking it out now!