City 17 National Anthem (100/100)

Author:  Dominic "Mutank" Struczynski
Game: Half Life 2
Genre: Music Video

Here we are, the first 100 I have ever given, it is well earned too, there are no outstanding problems that your average viewer would notice. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, City 17's National Anthem

Superb visuals, I wouldn't have been too surprised if this had been in the actual game, the effects are used are not very obvious but you know that they weren't put into the original game. The video is smooth and the video cutting is done perfectly.

Sound (25/25)
"O Canada!/Our home and native land!/True patriot love in all thy sons command." That was a perfect parody of the Canadian national anthem, it's also quite impressive that a little satire was put in there. The singer was decent great, she has a nice voice that is very easy on the ears.

Script Quality (50/50)
Seeing as how this was custom made, I have to say it's quite impressive, to do a full scale conversion (there is a full song, download can be posted upon request) of a national anthem, keep the rhythm and speed while describing the starting point of Half Life 2, "Mutank" has earned kudos from me. There is one tiny problem however, in the scene where you have the three CP and the one guy against the wall, I feel that, instead of looking at the camera, one of them could be showing some interest in the guy, but hey, like I said it's almost nonexistent, wouldn't change anything at all so it's best forgotten.

 Regardless of who you are this will be quite entertaining to you, that one little problem aside this is exactly what machinima is about.


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