Retaliation:Redux (85/100)

Author:Connery Kappeler
Game:Call of Duty

 There are many things wrong with this Machinima, Retaliation:Redux is a continuation of Retaliation, by the same director, there is something about it that makes you think that this might actually be part of the CoD story.

The video here are two things that are fatally wrong here, first we have the overuse of HDR (High dynamic range) this causes any place where sunlight touches to change the color of that objet to blinding white and creates a very unrealistic picture, when used in moderation it can make just about any video look amazing (think most current games where you see blinding light when you leave a dark area or look at a light source for the first time), the second problem is the lack or a world around the actors, don't know what I mean? Go to any open world scene and tell me what you see in the background. Nothing, there is just a big blob of a single color in the back ground, I find this lazy on the account of the director, I am aware of the system strain depth perception puts on a system, I have been using Blender, Maya Autodesk, and a few other 3D modeling programs for the past three years, however that excuse is not acceptable in this situation, if you watch the first scene then you will see a great mountain range in the background! The background in the second scene is nonexistent due to the overuse of HDR and in the last scenes there aren't any props besides that T.V, and the tent. And as a side note, anyone else notice how they all walk funny?

Sound (20/25)
How do we know this is Call of Duty? Awesome gun sounds? CHECK! Nice graphics? CHECK! the same guy doing every voice and failing at it? CHE–  wait what? Look, don't get me wrong, he does a nice job at the voices but he has a very distinct voice. It has a sort of “talking gruffly through your teeth out the side of your mouth with a distinct accent” quality to it. truthfully, this isn't the worst British accent I have ever heard but it is one of the more generic ones. Even with the sub-par voice acting the actual quality of it is very good, with only one mistake (see 3:00).

Script Quality (50/50)
This is the eye in Retaliation's star (oh yes, I went there), the story isn't hard to follow even though this is after the events of the first Retaliation there is no actual need to go back and watch the original. The story is just that well put together, it pays a grand tribute to the Call of Duty story line. I have no negative comments about it.

This is a MUST see for all you story fans out there, And if you like action, see the original Retaliation which I will be doing a review of in my next post.