Brawl Heroes Episode 1: act 1 (80/100)

Author: shadowlink4321
Game: Smash Brothers Brawl
Genre: Story/Action

When I first was pondering what exactly I would base my blog on Machinima came to mind. How would I go about ding it? Did I want to put my plans into action and actually make another machinima myself? Nah, too much work, however, looking back, it seems like I took the more "work" intensive route. I'm not down playing the work of directors here, it's just that watching a video numerous times writing, editing, editing, writing some more, getting the videos and then actually grading the work.... it just seems a lot harder than what I intended to do. But, enough about me and what I consider to be hard work. Here, we have the pinnacle of hard work, looking at other machinimas there is SO much more to work with, here, we have limited areas, camera control, motions, back ground options, ambient noise, the list goes on. I take a lot of joy in reviewing this machinima.

Superb, there is no other word that I can think of that would fit how this is shot. Honestly, I couldn't come up with anything wrong without trolling. What actually makes this so perfect is the fact that this is his/their(?) FIRST machinima! I'm all for a little challenge here and there, but for crying out loud, this is beyond anything I could ever foresee a newbie attempting, just watch this and then watch others from the same game, or, better yet, look up how the theater mode works and then pass judgment yourself.

Sound (15/25)
Oddly enough, while watching this, my ears would randomly start bleeding due to the extremely crappy  microphone quality that make it, painfully obvious that this is a first attempt at machinima. Other than that, while watching, I could easily see this as being animated, the tone from the voices and the background music sets the correct mood and conjures a feeling of watching an amine. Before moving on to the first part I just want to say that the VA for Picachu fits very closely to how I pictured its voice to be.

Script Quality (40/50)
A very solid story line, we already have what seems to be some love going on here, betrayal, flashbacks, deep thoughts, I love it all! Most shocking is that these entire episodes can actually be aired on television (averaging 18-22 minute run time). What keeps them from a perfect score is the ear wrecking grammer. Before you get truned off, no, it's not that obvious, but, being the grammar Nazi I am when it comes to scripts I hurt while hearing them.

As usual we have a closing... you know what, screw it, this would take way to long detailing  how highly I reccomend this to anyone, and I mean anyone. Watch this NOW!

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